This midsize car produce from October 1997. Replaced Toyota Carina E.

Toyota Avensis T220 1997-2002

First generation

Toyota Avensis 1997

1997 (October) 1998 1999 2000 2001 2002 (December).

Body style: 4-door Sedan (Saloon), 5-door Liftback, 5-door Wagon (Estate).

Grade: Sol, Terra.

Platform similar to Carina Caldina Corona Celica.

From 2000 July new gazoline motor with variable valve timing VVT-i and chain instead of a belt. Slightly changed body parts, optics, interior. There was a screen on the instrument console meter.

Model Code Years Engines Litres/Code kW PS
AT220 10/1997-7/2000 1.6i 16V (4A-FE) 74 101
ZZT220 7/2000-1/2003 1.6 VVTi-i 16V (3ZZ-FE)    
AT221 10/1997-7/2000 1.8i 16V (7A-FE)    
ZZT221 7/2000-1/2003 1.8 VVT-i 16V (1ZZ-FE)    
ST220 10/1997-7/2000 2.0i 16V (3S-FE)    
AZT220 7/2000-1/2003 2.0 VVTi-i 16V (1AZ-FSE)    

Toyota Avensis T250 2003-2008

Second generation

avensis 2003

2003 (Jan) 2004 2005 2006

avensis 2006

Restyling 2006 2007 2008 (Nov)

1600cc ZZT250 1/03-11/08 1,6i 16V (3ZZ-FE)
1800cc ZZT250 1/03-11/08 1,8i 16V (1ZZ-FE)
2000cc AZT250 1/03-11/08 2,0i 16V (1AZ-FE, 1AZ-FSE)
2400cc AZT251 9/03-11/08 2,4i 24V (2AZ-FSE)

2000cc ADT250 5/06-11/08 2,0TD 16V (1AD-FTV)
2400cc ADT251 4/05-11/08 2,2TD 16V (2AD-FTV)

Toyota Avensis T270 2008-2015

Third generation and latest generation

It is built at Toyota's Burnaston plant in England. Available in saloon or station wagon.

avensis 2008

2008 (Jan) 2009 2010 2011
Sedan Wagon

Avensis 2011 Wagon

First Restyling 2011 (Nov)
2011 2012 2013 2014 2015

Avensis 2015 limousine

Second Restyling 2015 May
Limousine and Touring Sports

With gasoline engines
1600cc ZRT270 11/08- 1,6i 16V (1ZR-FAE)
1800cc ZRT271 11/08- 1,8i 16V (2ZR-FAE)
2000cc ZRT272 11/08- 2,0i 16V (3ZR-FE,3ZR-FAE)

Diesel engines
2000cc ADT270 11/08-5/15 2,0TD 16V (1AD-FTV)
2200cc ADT271 11/08-5/15 2,2TD 16V (2AD-FTV, 2AD-FHV)

With new diesel common rail injection system engines 1WW and 2WW
1600cc 1.6 D4-D WWT270 5/15-
2000cc 2.0 D4-D WWT271 5/15-

Transmission: Manual MTM 6F, Automatic ATM 6FC, Continuously Variable CVT