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Original and not original numbers parts online and price

Model Engine
ZRT270 1.6i 16V (1ZR-FAE)
ZRT271 1.8i 16V (2ZR-FAE)
ZRT272 2.0i 16V (3ZR-FE) 2.0i 16V (3ZR-FAE)
ADT270 2.0TD 16V (1AD-FTV)
ADT271 2.2TD 16V (2AD-FTV) 2.2TD 16V (2AD-FHV)

Toyota Avensis T270 2009 Parts Catalog


Oil System (Oil Filter, Engine Oil Pump, Engine Oil Cooler)

Engine Cooling (Water Pump, Radiator, Water Outlet)

V-Belts V-Belts Tensioners Pulley

FiltersElement kit oil filter 04152-37010

Power Train Chassis

Brakes System (Pad Kit, Hoses, Disk)

Front Suspension

Rear Suspension


Suspension Crossmember and Undercover

Spare Wheell Carrier

Front and Rear Bumpers

Radiator Grille

Hood, Front Fender


Headlamp, Foglamp, Side Turn Signal Lamp, Rear Comnbination Lamp

Rear License Plate Lamp, Reflex Reflector, Rear Fog Lamp, Center Stop Lamp

Interior Lamp

Battery and Battery Cable

Tool and Engine    
Standart Tool Partial Engine Assembly Short Block Essembly

Power Train and Chassis

Clutch and Release    
Clutch pedal and Flexible Hose