Owners Review

Hi all users D2! Recently learned about this site, but after visiting just decided to sign up and tell us about my longtime dream Toyota Avensis saloon (AT221) 1,8i 16V (7A-FE)

Choose a car for a long time, the choice was between the Camry and Avensis. Camry relish their size and more solid appearance but Avensis just sunk into the soul. We bought it unfortunately does not have authorized dealer, but in perfect condition in a very good owner. Nothing bad to say about this car can not, with the exception of only a shortage of spare parts, do not know maybe in other regions the situation is simpler, but we Barnaul mostly to order. As for the specifications that I was happy with everything.

Many say that such Toyota and gasoline engine 1,8 7A is not enough, I would argue, when the tachometer needle rises above 3000. you begin to think that this is not only a family car. Suspension this car in my opinion is just combined for Russian roads.