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Application OE Number Analog Price, €

Oil filter Toyota Avensis T250 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

Gasoline Engines
ZZT250 1.6i 16V 3ZZ-FE
ZZT251 1.8i 16V 1ZZ-FE
OE Toyota Japan 90915-YZZE1  
OE Toyota 90915-YZZC5  
OE Toyota Thailand 90915-YZZE1 €5.3
Micro Japan T1636 €3.0
Mahle Knecht Austria OC216  
Mann Germany W 68/80  
Bosch 0 986 452 028  
Union C-170M  
Nitto Japan 4TP-121  
VIC C-110  
Purflux LS743  
AMC TO-137  
AZT251 2.4i 24V 2AZ-FSE 90915-10004 OE 90915-10004  
    Micro T1639 €3.8
Diesel Engines   Mahle Knecht OC 217 €3.4
    Micro Japan  
Mann Germany  
Original filters Toyota with the letters in the number are made not in Japan

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