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Selection of front and rear suspension struts.

Toyota Avensins T270 2008-2018 Shock Absorber Front

Boge 32-T73-A on the photo

Boge 32-T73-A

MacPherson type. KYB and ZF give one single on a huge number of original options.

Toyota OE numbers:


ZRT270 4852,
ZRT271 48510-8Z031, 48510-05312;
ZRT272 48510-8Z032, 48510-05322; +HD 48510-09V71, 48510-05361;
ADT270 48510-09V21, 48510-09V20, 48510-05331, 48510-05330, 48510-8Z033, 48510-8Z032;
ADT271 48510-09V41, 48510-05371, 48510-8Z034, 48510-05372.


ZRT270 48520-09N81, 48520-05311;
ZRT271 48520-09N81, 48520-05311;
ZRT272 48520-09N51, 48520-05321, 48520-09N81, 48520-05311, 48520-09V40, 48520-05312, 48520-09V50, 48520-05322, 48520-09W60, 48520-05323;
ADT270 48510-09N21, 48520-05331, 48520-09W70, 48520-05333;
ADT271 48520-09N41, 48520-05371, 48520-09W80, 48520-05373;
WWT270 48520-8Z093, 48520-05400;
WWT271 48520-8Z093, 48520-05400.


Right: KYB 339816, Sachs 315186, Boge 32-T74-A.
Left: KYB 339817, Sachs 315185, Boge 32-T73-A.

Toyota Avensis T270 2008 2018 Rear Shock Absorber

Monroe Original G1175.

Monroe G1175

Right and left are the same. Wagon and sedan are the same too.

Toyota part numbers: 48530-09Q51, 48530-09Q50, 48530-09Q61, 48530-09Q60, 48530-09Q70, 48530-09U40

Analogies: Sachs 315149, Boge 27-M31-A, Monroe Original G1175, Monroe Reflex E1370, Monroe OE Spectrum 376134SP.

Monroe Reflex E1370 sold only by a pair.