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Model Code Avensis ZZT250 ZZT251 AZT250 CDT250

ZZZT250 L - A E M N K W
1 2   3 4 5 6 7 8
1 Basic Model Code

ZZT250: With 3ZZ-FE Engine ZZT251: With 1ZZ-FE Engine

AZT250: With 1AZ-FSE Engine, 1AZ-FE Engine

CDT250: With 1CD-FTV Engine


Steering Wheel Position

L: Left-hand Drive R: Right-hand Drive

3 Model Name
A: Avensis
4 Body Type

E: 4-door Sedan L: 5-door Liftback W: 5-door Wagon


Gear Shift Type

M : 5-speed Manual, Floor P: 4-speed Automatic, Floor



N: Entry E: Mid Technical G: Mid Elegant

7 Engine Specification

H : DOHC EFI And Direct Injection К: Compact DOHC And EFI Y: Common-Rail Diesel

8 Destination

W: Europe Blank: General Countries