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Toyota Avensis ZZT250, ZZT251, AZT250, AZT251 with gasoline Service data sheet

Spark plug


1ZZ-FE 3ZZ-FE Denso K16R-U11 NGK BKR5EYA-11

1AZ-FE with TWC (Three Way Catalytic Converter) Denso SK20R11 NGK IFR6A11

1AZ-FE without TWC Denso K20R-U11 NGK NGK BKR5EYA-11

1AZ-FSE Denso SK20BR11

Electrode, Gap A =1,1mm (0,043in)

BTDC (before top dead center)
Avensis-2003-BTDC All gasoline engines 8-12 degree (DLC3 Terminals 13(TC)-14(CG) Connected)

Camshaft. Cylinder head valve clearance. Measured on a cold engine.


1ZZ-FE 3ZZ-FE Intake - 0,15-0,25 mm (0,006-0,010 in) Exhaust 0,25-0,35mm (0,010-0,010in)

1AZ-FE 1AZ-FSE Intake - 0,19-0,29 mm (0,007-0,011 in) Exhaust 0,30-0,40mm (0,012-0,016in)

Idle RPM Revolutions per minute. Measured on a hot engine.

Avensis 2003-2008 Idle RPM

1ZZ-FE 3ZZ-FE 600-700 RPM

1AZ-FE 650-750 RPM

1AZ-FSE 625-725 RPM

Emissions CO control
Avensis 2003-2008 emission CO control

In the 2 mode (2500 RPM and idle test), follow measurment order prescribed by the applicable local regulations

with TWC (Three Way Catalytic Converter) CO less then 0,5%

w/o TWC 1,0-2,0% CO

DLC3 Terminals 13(TC)-14(CG) Connected. Measured on a hot engine.

Cylinder Compression Test, Test on high RPM

Avensis 2003-2008 Cylinder Compression Test

Avensis-2003-2008-Cylinder-Compression1ZZ-FE 3ZZ-FE 1270 kPA, 13,0 kgf/cm2, 89,3 psi

1AZ-FE 1470 kPA, 15,0 kgf/cm2, 213 psi

1AZ-FSE 1300 kPA, 189 psi

All engines more 1000 kPA, 10,2 kgf/cm2, 145 psiAvensis-2003-2008-Cylinder-Compression-2
Avensis-2003-2008-Cylinder-Compression-3Less 100 kPA, 0,3 kgf/cm2, 4,3psi
Engine oil pressure. Check on a hot engine.

idle test

29 kPA, 0.3 kgf/cm2, 4.3 psi

3000 RPM test

1,6i 16V (3ZZ-FE) 1,8i 16V (1ZZ-FE) 294-539 kPA, 3.0-5.5 kgf/cm2, 43-78 psi

2,0i 16V (1AZ-FE, 1AZ-FSE) 2,4i 24V (2AZ-FSE) 245-539 kPA, 2.5-5.5 kgf/cm2, 36-78 psi